Buy Designer Vintage Jewels online for impressive moments

Designer Vintage jewels are certainly a part of the very special range of jewellery at our Knocknok online store. To wear a little bit of historical flair on your wrist: isn't this a thrilling idea? All of us would probably like to wear some sumptuous really old piece of jewellery and rejoice with the coloured reflections stemming from the facets of real gems. But on one hand, such valuable pieces are not available in an unlimited manner, and on the other, their high prices will probably make one or the other turn back from them. Designer Vintage Jewels are a welcome alternative for this: they have the fashionable flair we are looking for, but their pricing remains within a manageable range, so that we might even afford two or three different Designer Vintage bracelets in different colours to wear depending on the wardrobe or the mood of the day!

Grand entrance for Designer Vintage Jewels

No, these Designer Vintage Jewels have no intention to hide! The jewels we offer for sale at the Knocknock only store are really splendid. Impressive rhinestone and glass decorate the bracelets, turning your wrist into the immediate focus of all looks. Whether red-blue, turquoise with purple hues, white and crystal-clear stones in combination with warm brown tones, placed on an open-held metal ring, Designer Vintage Jewels by the Vintage label are very attractive. In this case, there is absolutely no doubt that Nomen est Omen!

Exhibit luminous accents

May we draw your attention to a very special feature of some of our Designer Vintage Jewels? Some of them are not only made of rhinestones and normal glass and assembled in a very costly manner to be turned into works of art, but also include some stunning beautiful gemstones made of uranium glass, also known as vaseline glass. What is special about this material: it glows in black light! So if you want to show off some extraordinary reflections at a party or at the discotheque, then such Designer Vintage Jewels with uranium glass stones are just the right thing for you.

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