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Beautiful lingerie and Designer Underwear should not be a luxury for special days, but be part of a well-kept normal wardrobe. Who doesn’t feel immediately much more confident and more beautiful when knowing that there is “something special” under one’s dress or jeans? Even though work colleagues or other people won’t be able to see it, you should always treat yourself to beautiful Designer Underwear!

Invisibly and visibly chic with Designer Underwear

Well, okay, sometimes this “not to be seen” of Designer Underwear is true and at other times not at all. We are not talking about those certain moments in the evening when you softly peel off your clothes and allow the man of your dreams to see a little more of you. Sometimes Designer Underwear is indeed not just something that disappears as invisible lingerie under a blouse. Enchanting pieces such as corsets and bras as those by For Love & Lemons have actually no need to be hidden. They not only have a wonderful feminine push-up effect, but they are also an eye-catcher. Such lingerie is Designer Underwear and delicate lingerie at the same time, flashing through a gauzy blouse. In such cases, Designer Underwear with elegant lace patterns becomes part of a chic top. Hiding such jewels would be a real pity!

This lingerie does not show below trousers and dresses

But buying Designer Underwear doesn’t only mean wearing especially pretty and presentable lingerie. Because when choosing our Designer Underwear, we are actually not only concerned about our looks but also about comfort. After all, who doesn’t know this situation: we think that we can save on underwear, because after all it won’t be seen, when actually it's the other way round! Cheap underwear is absolutely visible when worn under tight clothing like leggings or other close-fitting trousers and dresses. Their seams are sewn poorly and clearly visible. Our tip: you should rather avail yourself of Designer Underwear, so that you can be sure that only high-quality materials are used and the smallest details will be taken into account in their design. The soft panties by Hanky Panky, for example are sewn from semi sheer lace that adapts to the body and is not bulky. And the pleasant material this Designer Underwear is made of ensures that you don’t feel the lingerie you are wearing at all.

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