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Trendy Boho look for your wardrobe

A casual tunic is the perfect choice for warm days and also looks very fashionable. With her flowing fabrics and flattering designs the tunics put the female figure in the spotlight. Enjoy the comfortable fit and combine your tunic according to taste with leggings and sandals for the noble hippie chic.

A tunic - just wonderful female

Here at Knocknok Fashion we offer fashionable tunics by trendy designers. Let yourself be inspired by the trendy styles and bright colors. If you require advice or have questions about your order, our friendly team will help you by phone.

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We invite you to browse our product range to content to your new tunics. Click through the selection and find in the extravagant collections known fashion labels your tunic. We offer you exclusive brand quality for fashionistas and great designs for any occasion.

Discover now the trendy tunics for your summery outfit!

In the recent history the tunics have experienced an incredible boom as a garment.

Initially only been seen some bold fashion icons in one of these airy and light shells on the road, but today it is practically impossible to find a ladies wardrobe without a tunic. This is not surprising, because the tunic convinces with its inimitable versatility: It presents itself elegant or casual, lightweight fabric and short-sleeved or long-sleeved for the summer season or for cooler temperatures. They also flatters on every woman figure and looks quite excellent on every fashion icon.

A beautiful fashion trend as in antiquity as also today's fashion world

Although this garment is counted in today's fashion world to the somewhat younger trends, looks the tunic on a much longer history back as the t-shirt or jeans. The ancient Romans knew the tunic in the everyday life of the ancient appreciate. The notion tunic reveals the origin of the upper. "Tunica" is a latin word meaning petticoat or shirt, the latter is the sooner.

As a classic garment Roman tunic was chosen as noble garb on important and festive occasions, but was also popular in simpler forms in everyday life. In its original form was the tunic of a pair of rectangular pieces of fabric, held together by both shoulders with large metal needles. In addition, a belt was worn with the tunic for gathering at the waist.

The tunic - a modern classic in a unique multi-faceted selection

The tunics today shine as a relaxed and casual alternative to long blouse or shirt. Whether as a short-sleeved version with jeans, print trousers or chinos, a long tunic as a dress or long sleeved tunics too thick tights and leggings in the transition period and in winter - a versatile garment is the tunic in different situations, seasons and on various occasions use.

On warm days, the airy models of silk, cotton batiste or linen are used and amaze you with the lightweight, cool fabrics and its wide cut. The warmer tunics give you through their gorgeous cuts an excellent freedom of movement. The adaptability of the tunic is not to forget: Even if you have not reached your optimum goal in fitness and definition in the areas of abdomen, legs and buttocks, the tunic will make disappear as if by magic, these small problem areas in a jiffy.

Airy summer dresses London designer Juliet Dunn

The loosely covered summer dresses, designed by Juliet Dunn, are the ideal companion in the warm season. The dresses in different colors flatter with their high quality materials at high temperatures and humid weather conditions the skin while sequins and fine embroidery for finishing touches, including. Not only as a dress designs are unique, but also as a tunic over leggings or skinny jeans flay this hand-embroidered garments impression.

With rolled sleeves it creates a relaxed feeling, which can highlight the fashionable look summery. You too can use exciting colorful accents with these tunics, which give a great feel to your self-esteem and sense of style. With different colors, there is something for every type. The tunic is the perfect addition to the wardrobe of every fashion lover!

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