Designer Sweatshirts

Designer Sweatshirts are an absolute basic and indispensable part of any wardrobe and there are many of them most certainly to be found in your closet. What makes a good Designer Sweatshirt? Which of them do we love dearly? If you pay attention to which sweaters are retrieved again and again from the closet and which of them stay at the bottom of the pile without ever coming to light, then these questions can be answered very fast indeed. And probably the answers are very similar for everybody, because in the end there are three criteria that a beloved Designer Sweatshirt must meet, right?

Designer Sweatshirts: just slip into them and feel good

A Designer Sweatshirt is a comfortable garment. You put it on, you feel protected, it is comfortable and casual, and accompanies you everywhere for whatever you may have to do. Tidying your apartment, hanging out with friends, going to the gym, taking the dog for a walk, or simply lazying around: they allow you to enjoy everyday life. A Designer Sweatshirt makes you feel good even without make-up: it allows you to simply be yourself. This doesn't mean of course that they make you look like a bum. Even the most casual garments have nothing against their wearer looking chic, putting on a pair of stylish jeans and using this outfit to show that a Designer Sweatshirt has nothing to hide. Anyway, nothing of this is true for the Designer Sweatshirts at Knocknok: They are not only comfortable to wear, but at the same time they are high-quality garments that speak for themselves.

Designer Sweatshirts are absolute  combination miracles

For a Designer Sweatshirt to be included among the favourites in your closet, it must be easily combinable with the rest of your wardrobe. Most of our great products such as those by the fashion labels Juvia, Leon & Harper, Liv Bergen or Grace are ideal to be worn with jeans and leggings. Are you a skirt freak? No problem at all, with our Designer Sweatshirts you can also conjure up a super look even with a skirt. A colourful, maybe printed sweatshirt peps up every single-coloured, simple pair of trousers; a solid-coloured sweater can even provide a full business look. Sometimes to the hip, sometimes a little longer; sometimes figure-hugging, and at others a little wide: the great thing about Designer Sweatshirts is that there is an appropriate one for every figure.

Uncomplicated and easy to clean

Ironing, handling with care, keeping them on hangers: nothing of this is valid for Designer Sweatshirts, and that's exactly why we love them. Of course, this doesn't mean that one shouldn't pay attention to the temperature and the detergent used when washing and drying them, but compared to blouses, dresses and other garments, Designer Sweatshirts are very undemanding. On the go, they can be simply stowed inside the handbag when it gets too warm, to be pulled out later and worn again when needed. Designer Sweatshirts are uncomplicated and to be enjoyed. Are you still looking out for a bit of this kind of enjoyment? We have a lot of it on offer at Knocknok!



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