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Designer Sleeveless Shirts are always in season and not just in summer. Admittedly, when the sun really shines down from the sky and we bring our light summer wardrobe to the fore of our closets, then it is also the high season for Designer Sleeveless Shirts. But even in the cooler months, under a sweater or a cardigan they are a well-liked companion. When it gets a little hot and a little “peeling off” becomes advisable, then such a chic Designer Sleeveless Shirt come to light from below the warmer layer of clothing.

What exactly is a “Designer Sleeveless Shirt”?

When designers work on sleeveless shirts, they have wonderful room to manoeuvre, because sleeveless is actually not always “the same” sleeveless. Sometimes sleeves are slightly cut out, as presented in such a chic manner by the Designer Sleeveless Shirts by Fille a Papa, Liv Bergen or Grace. But also narrow shoulders, as shown by some Designer Sleeveless Shirts by Twenty Violets or Gaelle Bonheur have their own special charm and make a very airy, sporty and summery garment out of them. And if small hints of ruffled sleeves appear, we are looking at Designer Sleeveless Shirts by Leon & Harper, whose designs certainly are most attractive eye-catchers.

Playful ruffles or broderie anglaise

But not only the upper part and the cut of the shoulders turn these Designer Sleeveless Shirts into such attractive and different garments. They have also a lot to offer further down. Nobody should dare to say that every Designer Sleeveless Shirt is cut the same way! Because there are the long narrow tank tops with attached ruffles by Grace, bringing in a romantic touch. Or should it be broderie anglaise and an uneven cut edge, as the Designer Sleeveless Shirt by Leon & Harper, which rather resembles a playful summer blouse? And there is no need to say anything about the colours of these beautiful summery shirts. See for yourself: from white over pink and blue to black, such is the colour palette of our Designer Sleeveless Shirts

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