Buy Designer Shorts so as to be a sexy eye-catcher!

Freedom for women's legs: Designer Shorts are somehow the epitome of emancipation, don't you agree? Hidden for centuries, our legs may finally come to light and allow themselves to be admired. And what could better set them off than chic Designer Shorts by exclusive fashion designers? After all, it's not just about cutting off  the legs of long trousers. No, shorts are a category of their own and must be designed and styled in an absolutely independent manner. Only then can these scanty garments be shown off to their best advantage and serve their purpose. But what purpose Designer Shorts actually fulfil , except for evidently letting air and light reach the legs?

Designer Shorts made of jeans material are casual, but those of chiffon are summery

Concerning the Designer Shorts here in our shop, there is no discussion about which are pretty and which are not: all of them offer a ravishing sight. Some made of jeans, maybe frayed or with rivets, others from light chiffon fabrics with an elastic waistband. These Designer Shorts are just right for a romp on the beach. Or are you a fan of the shorts by Keffiyeh or by Juvia and intend to cause a stir on the promenade at Saint Tropez? But of course! Take a look, click through and fall in love: our Designer Shorts have already twisted many a head!

Designer Shorts: from sportswear to fashion hit

At the start, Designer Shorts stood for sports and water fun. In society and in public, shorts were initially unthinkable as an ordinary garment to be used by women. On the beach, at the tennis court and in the competition arena, those were the places where shorts were gradually tolerated after the First World War. And in those times, short was still relatively long and those sexless, functional sports trousers had little in common with the shorts of our times. The revolution started in the early seventies, when the miniskirt had already paved the way: Hot Pants not only exhibited the legs from bottom to top, but also offered in some cases a glimpse of a woman's bottom. Their purely practical purpose gave way to the desire to look pretty and sexy. Since then, whatever the wearer likes is allowed, of course taking into account what is advisable for one's figure. Designer Shorts in size 54 are not necessarily an attractive sight, but  as everybody knows, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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