Short Designer Skirts show off your beautiful legs

Short Designer Skirts can be combined more easily than almost any other garment and always manage to give your outfit an extremely feminine accent. If you like to show off your legs and wear short Designer Skirts, you will find yourself in good company: This garment has established itself as the best basic component of any closet across generations. Whether simple and cut straight and short above the knee as an office outfit, or swinging and sexy as a miniskirt for a leisure or party look: a short Designer Skirt is appropriate for any occasion.

Short Designer Skirts make your legs look beautiful

Not only due to their fabrics, patterns and lengths are short Designer Skirts like those by Gaelle Bonheur absolutely versatile, but there are virtually no limits to "What do I combine this with?" An elegant silk blouse turns it into a going-out skirt; a colourful T-shirt into a casual leisure outfit. And then, concerning short Designer Skirts, there is of course also the question: what should I wear underneath? We are not referring to lingerie, but to how you can show off your legs. Free, uncovered and nude - in the hot summer time this is almost the recommended normal state - or with finest invisible tights? Tights with chic patterns show off a short Designer Skirt to its best advantage in a natural manner. Thus you should confidently show off legs and design once and again. For those who don't like invisible tights very much and wish to wear their short Designer Skirts also in winter, they can rest assured that leggings are absolutely in. Leggings underneath and a short Designer Skirt by Minkpink over it: a great combination that leaves plenty of room for your own style.

On your way to triumph: Short Designer Skirts

The fact that Designer Skirts became short is undoubtedly owed to British fashion designer Mary Quant. Although short skirts already appeared in the fashion world in the thirties of the last century, they were only worn infrequently. Short skirts only became popular when the fashion magazine Vogue presented Mary Quant's miniskirt in 1962, sparking a small revolution. On one hand there were cries of outrage and fears of moral decline, but on the other, the short Designer Skirt became a real blockbuster in every social stratum within a very short time. Worldwide, the new skirt length prevailed and in the following years the hem wandered from just above the knee to very high up as a Super-Mini, sometimes flashing forth the panties underneath. By the way, in 1966 Mary Quant was honoured for her creations at Buckingham Palace with the Order of the British Empire. This means that short Designer Skirts are even acceptable at court!


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