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Short Designer Coats are an ideal garment to kill two birds with one stone: In the cold season you cannot avoid warm coats, but many people consider whether a jacket isn't much more practical than a coat. Our hot tip therefore is: buy short Designer Coats online to get the advantages of both with the same garment! You feel nice and warm down to the hips, and at the same time the practical length of the short Designer Coats doesn’t prevent you from moving comfortably and getting in and out of your car or digging for something in the lowest shelves of shops and supermarkets. So if you ever thought: “coats are not for me because they make me feel too cramped,” you will experience a whole new freedom by wearing our short coats. But that is not the only reason why it is worthwhile to have a closer look at the wonderful products at the Knocknok online store!

Short Designer Coats are simply chic

And this is not only valid for short Designer Coats: Nobody questions that clothing should be practical, do they? But it should also look smart, don't you agree? Short coats like those by Bazar de Luxe have a great potential to make it to the top ten of the most chic garments. Since trendy fashion designers have raised warm Designer Coats to the position of favourite garment, no fashion collection can get by without them. Sometimes they have a figure-hugging cut, sometimes an over-sized look. Some of them are held together by a belt in a trench coat look, sometimes they swing in the winds of winter. You also have a great choice of materials, from woollen fabrics over linen to faux fur like those by De'Hart or Unreal Fur . You can even find mixed materials and combination of different fabrics and furs when trendy fashion designers as Bazar de Luxe deal intensively with the topic of short Designer Coats and put their ideas into practice.

Short Designer Coats can be superbly combined

Short Designer Coats give you all the freedom in the world: are you more of a trousers wearer or do you enjoy skirts? Maybe your wardrobe is equipped with both alike and you choose every day whether to give preference to trousers or skirt. If so, a short Designer Coat is just the thing for you, because it can be combined wonderfully with both. It also doesn't matter whether the trousers have a tight or wide cut or if the skirt is short or rather long: Short Designer Coats make any garment stand out, just as it should be. Whether for a casual look for everyday life or for family outings or shopping trips with a friend, or for a business trip, with a short coat you are always dressed properly and make a good impression, also at a vernissage or a cocktail party.

Practical on the go: the short coat

For those who travel a lot and need a warm garment which can be put on and taken off quickly and is always at hand, a short Designer Coat is absolutely indispensable. When you get into your car you needn't fear to get it caught in the door, and if you are travelling by train it is easily stowed away. Due to its practical length, the short Designer Coat can also be placed over your arm easily when you are not wearing it. Thus it is a faithful companion, always at your fingertips when you need it. There are so many reasons to be a fan of short Designer Coats. Which are yours?

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