Designer shirts are among the best known and most widely used garments!

Designer Shirts exist in countless colours, brands and shapes, in different motifs and with the greatest variety in printed designs. A shirt is practical, simple and indispensable: a significant part of women's fashion under any circumstances. A Designer Shirt is a comfortable companion you can relax in after a very tiring day. It is a distinguishing mark for bohemian everyday life and for one's most precious and valued private life. Classics are made of cotton, but other materials are also widely used. Designer Shirts are an undisputed classic, but with controversial historical origins, since the development of shirts cannot be verified with certainty. No matter where it originally comes from: the Designer Shirt is a conceivably simple garment, but enjoys widespread popularity.

Sleeveless Designer Shirts: an indispensable and versatile garment

A sleeveless Designer Shirt signals the yearly start of  the summery warm season for many. As a trendy companion in a unique look or as a sporty top for leisure and fitness, sleeveless Designer Shirts always score success. Combined with maxi-skirts or breathtaking miniskirts, trend setters will follow the style of the most admired celebrities, and with skinny jeans and high heels they will appear as most trendy clubbing outfits. Printed Designer Shirts with trendy motifs will turn into a very special and stylish eye-catcher. Have you already discovered the great Designer Shirts by London Ink and 5 Preview at Knocknok?
But even in transitional seasons or in winter, the sleeveless shirt need not collect dust in the farthest corner of your wardrobe. Under a warm jacket or knit sweater, every Designer Shirt is a fashionable companion that shines forth under the warmer garments even in winter. Under a chic blazer, a Designer Shirt can pursue its triumphal march and enter the office.

Casual Designer Shirts with long sleeves

Loosely-fitting long-sleeved Designer Shirts may not be absent from any select wardrobe. Different cuts and trendy hues turn modern shirts into a fantastic basic garment for a great variety of outfits. Combined with semi-transparent pull-overs, sweaters with a wide neckline or waistcoats, long-sleeved Designer Shirts are responsible for an excellent figure. They may also be worn with stylish knit jackets or blouses. But there is actually no need for combination with other tops: long-sleeved shirts like those by Rosebud or Juvia are also a wonderful eye-catcher just by themselves and besides, extremely comfortable.

Whether as a T-shirt, with long sleeves, short sleeves or sleeveless, any lady will find exactly the right one for her

Body-fitting Designer Shirts emphasise a slim figure while those with a loose and white cut also are an excellent fit if you have a rather broader kind of figure. A Designer Shirt can be worn casually over a skirt and a pair of trousers as well as being tucked into them to provide some variety to your outfit from time to time. Stylish accents can be set with gorgeous accessories such as eye-catching belts in all widths. Designer Shirts lend ladies' outfits a casual and loose touch because they are a fitting complement for jeans, chinos and shorts. In combination with other garments and accessories, they can also help to achieve an amazingly chic look. Whether as T-shirts, sleeveless shirts, short-sleeved or long-sleeved shirts - there is a Designer Shirt appropriate for every lady, perfectly expressing her personality. Designer Shirts are just that special garment for every season!

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