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Do you already have your Designer Round-necked sweater in your closet? If not, then it is time to do so, firstly, because the next cold season is sure to come and secondly, because these Designer Round-necked Sweaters are also ideal basic garments for the rest of the year. They are not only warm and snug in knit cotton or cashmere, but also lightweight in mixed fabrics or acrylic fibres. This makes them something ideal for in between, when it gets a bit cool during an evening beach party or you want to pull over something a little warmer on the way back home. Because the absolutely great thing about a Designer Round-necked Sweater is of course that it doesn’t resent it when you fold it and push it into your handbag or backpack.

Designer Round-necked Sweaters with or without a design

We have put together an assortment of Designer Round-necked Sweaters by several designers at the Knocknok Online Store, something for everybody’s tastes and preferences. Maybe you are a fan of applications or you love jacquard designs. Then you will certainly be excited by the Designer Round-necked Sweaters by Grace, Minkpink or Daddys Daughter. But some of you may like something simpler, without any pictures and patterns, and that’s why we have also selected such styles by Minkpink, Grace or Sita Murt. Some of them are high-collared, some have a particularly long cut – simply browse to your heart's content through our Designer Round-necked Sweater category.

Chic and versatile combinability

Would you perhaps like some tips on how to combine our Designer Round-necked Sweaters? If so, we can for example recommend chic short skirts and leggings to go with the delicate cashmere creations. Jeans are a natural and are something like an old spouse for Designer Round-necked Sweaters: familiar, used to one another and inseparable. But maybe you would like to step on new ground every once in a while and bring in some fresh air to your style? Just wear your Designer Round-necked Sweater over your summer dress or combine it with a maxi-skirt. Anything you like is allowed, and a Designer Round-necked Sweater is liked with actually anything!

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