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We admit it: Designer Necklaces are not a fashion top-priority at the Knocknock online store. But we just can't ignore these great jewellery accessories by renowned fashion designers that we have found. And what would happen with the most beautiful and current fashion if jewellery and matching Designer Necklaces were missing? We have a few suggestions on how you can put your outfit in the limelight again with just a few pretty accents and Designer Necklaces in different styles.

Designer Necklaces in a silvery gleam

Do you love romantic moments? Silver Designer Necklaces with their timeless enchanting splendour are most certainly among your favourite jewellery pieces. Perhaps our Designer Necklaces by Wanderlust are just the right thing for you? On a long silver-plated chain, a slightly oval ring as a pendant broadcasts beautiful wisdom like "there's this girl who stole my heart and changed my name to MUMMY ......", "I love you more today than yesterday ... but not as much as tomorrow" or "I couldn't say 'I Do' without you".  Have you already noticed? Such Designer Necklaces are not only ideal to enrich your jewellery box, but also as a gift for a very dear friend or relative. Silver is timeless and always goes well, also in the form of Designer Necklaces!

Do you love colour and variety?

As timeless and adaptable as silver Designer Necklaces are, as trendy and lively are our offers from the jewellery division "Gypsy, Boho, Vintage, Ethno & Co.". Each necklace is a gem in itself and all of them are guaranteed eye-catchers making a fashion statement out of a very simple T-shirt, a chic dress, a white blouse or also a tunic. Our tip: wear several of these Designer Necklaces together from time to time and you will see that the combination of these great jewels turns them into something completely different, very appealing and interesting. Whether designed by Wanderlust or C!, some fashion labels can offer not only gorgeous garments but also inspired Designer Necklaces in their range of products. And these simply can't be ignored by Knocknok!

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