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Midi or long Designer Skirts are a classic female garment. When walking through the streets today, you may not believe this at a first glance, because trousers currently clearly lead the way. Midi or long Designer Skirts have fallen a little behind. But there are still ladies who love it when their long skirts swirl around the legs and provide them with a very feminine appearance.

Midi Designer Skirts and long Designer Skirts in different styles

For festive occasions, long and midi Designer Skirts are as modern today as in the past and worn a lot. In contrast to the mini skirt (short skirt), long skirts and midi skirts generally cover the knee, but otherwise leave fashion designers plenty of room for creativity and to vary the length of the skirt. Sometimes they end just below the knee, sometimes they extend to the calf, at other times they may swirl around the ankles or even reach the floor. Long Designer Skirts or midi Designer Skirts also show a great variety in the design of their cuts. Above all, the following are popular and widespread:

  • The panel skirt, which consists of a different number (sometimes four, sometimes six, sometimes eight) of conically tailored panels, which make it narrow at the top and wider at the bottom.
  • The pencil skirt, tight and body-hugging, with a very classic effect. Always a good choice for the world of business!
  • The pleated skirt, wherein the fabric is placed in pleats at the waistband.
  • The saddle skirt, where the pleats don't start at the waisband, but are sewn to a smooth body-hugging upper part that reaches at least to the hip
  • The tiered skirt, in which several panels are placed one below the other and gathered.
  • The balloon skirt that is slightly shirred at the seam and thus is narrower at the bottom than at the top.
  • The fishtail skirt, with a downward widening shape based on sewn wedges, so that long and midi skirts thereby obtain an A-shape.

With ballerinas or with boots - a long Designer Skirt is a versatile garment 

But don't you think that long and midi Designer Skirts are simply too chic and comfortable to be worn only on special occasions? Especially if it is a midi Designer Skirt that plays around the knee or calf, then it can also be worn everyday, getting around the town,  for business or to have tea with a friend, superbly combined with other garments. In summer with pretty ballerinas and a light blouse, in winter with boots and a rustic sweater: if you enjoy wearing long Designer Skirts, don't let anybody take it away from you. Perhaps there may be situations where trousers simply appear to be more practical, but maybe you are just not used to grab a skirt instead of jeans. Just make an effort and give the midi or long Designer Skirt  a chance!


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