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A Designer Long-sleeved Blouse is an absolute basic part of any wardrobe. If you open your closet in your mind and allow your (imaginary) eyes to wander over your blouses, how many of them are Designer Long-sleeved Blouses? If there aren’t two or three of them coming to your mind, then perhaps you are still a “greenhorn” when it comes to Designer Long-sleeved Blouses. Wonderful – we would like to show you the benefits of these amazing pieces in the right perspective!

Designer Long-sleeved Blouses protect from coolness and sun

Some people may perhaps feel that Designer Long-sleeved Blouses are just for autumn and winter. But this is something we must strongly object: short-sleeved blouses are of course essential in summer and chic eye-catchers, but long sleeves are always in season. So if you acquire a Designer Long-sleeved Blouse, you can wear it all year long. Because even in summer, evenings are sometimes actually a little cool. An in such cases, every woman is quite happy if she doesn’t need an extra jacket, but can sit in her chic blouse in the beer garden and enjoy the evening. And sometimes it's also excellent to be able to cover your arms with a light fabric in intense sunshine, so as not to risk getting sunburn. Because not every Designer Long-sleeved Blouse is made of a thick, warming material. The silk blouses by Guglielminotti or Alice & Trixie, for example, are warming in winter but cool in summer.

Some Designer Long-sleeved Blouse are also loved in summer

And then there are those Designer Long-sleeved Blouses, the sight of which makes you think involuntarily: they are made for the summer! And so they are, because who would seriously think that the great Keffiyeh blouses by Saint Tropez or a lace blouse by ba&sh were intended for the cold season? Slightly transparent sleeves, casual-light fabrics and delicate summer colours will surely turn these Designer Long-sleeved Blouses into your summer favourites. But of course we also have appropriate chic and warming models for the cooler season available at the Knocknok Online Shop. Timelessly beautiful Designer Long-sleeved Blouses by Minkpink or Ilse Jacobsen can be wonderfully combined with trousers and a chic vest to complete your outfit.

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