Buy Designer Long Blouses now and be fashionably dressed!

Long is chic and Designer Long Blouses are actually long! No, these wonderful pieces are really not to be tucked carelessly into your trousers or hidden under a thick sweater. Timeless fashion looks just like these blouses! Put them on and show yourself proudly in them! Always appropriate and suitable for any occasion, aren’t they? However, with these Designer Long Blouses you will be amazed about how versatile these underestimated treasures of your wardrobe are!

Figure-flattering Designer Long Blouses

Yes, they are called Designer Long Blouses, these garments which we present in this category at our Knocknok Online Stores. And they are exactly this: blouses that are a little longer than usual, with hems reaching down to the thigh. We offer them in shirt form, but also in swinging playful form or in loosely draped female form, which also can skillfully hide those love handles. Designers such as Minkpink and Ilse Jacobsen are resourceful when it comes to the cut and design of Designer Long Blouses. But one of the biggest advantages of these long blouses is that they are not to be used just as blouses, but also as mini-dresses. It finally comes down to the way they are worn...

Blouse or mini dress? It’s up to you to decide!

A Designer Long Blouse is also very chic to be worn like any other blouse over a pair of jeans or a short, tight skirt. Depending on the combination, it will offer a casual look or a business look for the office. A belt can change the Designer Long Blouse in an instant and provide for a whole new silhouette. Due to the length of this blouse, nothing stands in its way for it to be combined with leggings or other skin-tight stretch trousers. Don’t worry if you aren’t size 36 and have a little excess fat on your hips. With a Designer Long Blouse every woman is leggings-compatible. Do you love minis and dressing sexy? Simply use the Designer Long Blouse as a mini-dress. With chic sandals, or high-heel, or perhaps with cheeky ankle boots – we promised you from the start that these blouses are absolutely versatile!

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