Designer Hoodies are a kind "upgrade" of a normal sweater

Designer Hoodies are a kind of “upgrade” of a normal sweater or a sweatshirt jacket. The name is obviously derived from the English term “hood”. If it makes you think immediately about Robin Hood, you are not too far off the mark. Although he is shown in many Hollywood films wearing saucy caps, he most probably got his nickname “Hood” from pulling his hood over his face to avoid being recognised when acting as a robber. The hoods of today’s Designer Hoodies are not designed for this purpose, but fashion designers evidently had something specific in mind when they provided their sweaters with this accessory. And the popularity of these Designer Hoodies shows that both men and women appreciate this small addition to the garment.

Designer Hoodies: Casual, chic and practical

Our store´s Designer Hoodies can obviously not be compared with Robin Hood´s outfit of yesteryear. They are chic, colourful, comfortable and becoming, and have long since made their way into casual and leisure outfits. Among Designer Hoodies, sweatshirt jackets have established their position in ladies’ fashion. Pulled quickly over a thin shirt and provided with a zipper, Designer Hoodies can be wonderfully combined. A hallmark of most hoodies are also the so-called kangaroo pockets, slanted pockets that allow you to comfortably accommodate your hands. They also provide protection when the weather makes you shiver and you pull the hood over your head as protection. Check out the Designer Hoodies of the fashion labels Grace or Juvia at the Knocknok Store - they will surely make you feel warm all over.

Just pull up the hood, and the protection provided by Designer Hoodies is in place.

Originally it was athletes who discovered Designer Hoodies for themselves. To protect your head and neck from cooling down after making an effort or to protect yourself from the wind or a light drizzle when engaging in outdoor sports is very important to avoid colds or muscular tension. Raise the hood and you're ready. No more long searches for a hat or a scarf, because Designer Hoodies have everything you need, whether you are a man or a woman. Incidentally, protection from cold was also originally the reason for which the manufacturer Champion developed the first Hoodie in the 1930s. Targeted were the employees of the many New York frozen storage warehouses in those times. However, the idea of the hood sawn to the outerwear is not new. Just think of a monk's cowl, you will surely instantly recognize similarities...



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