Buy Designer Gloves for touching moments

Have you ever wanted to call a pair of chic Designer Gloves your own and protect your hands as nobly and as elegantly as Audrey Hepburn did yesteryear? Then forget everything about those unpleasant scratchy woollen gloves or synthetic finger cots, where your hands feel as if they were wrapped in clear film. Choose a pair of Designer Gloves made of leather, which will make you feel warm but also allow you to them fashionably in both cooler and warmer seasons.

Your daily life always under control with Designer Gloves

Since probably very few of us are being cared for by dutiful servants and hardworking spirits from dawn to dusk, Designer Gloves need to have a specific trait: they must have a good grip on things. Or how would you express it, if you need your gloves to take hold of things easily? Hands packed as if in thick wads of cotton just don’t work. Thus, our Designer Gloves, which love physical contact, needn’t be taken off when driving your car, going shopping, taking your toddlers by the hand or unlocking your front door. Oh yes – and not even when making calls on your smartphone, by the way! The Designer Gloves by Montgomery have reinforced thumb and index tips so that nothing stands in the way of your touch screen.

Our Designers Gloves show colours!

The Designer Gloves at our Knocknok store are as pliant, supple and gripping as they are protective. Unpleasant cold or moisture has no chance if you slip your hands into Designer Gloves. And incidentally, no trace of a dowdy appearance! We offer leather gloves in many fashionable colours, from pink to grey, from green to black, some of them also with applications of chic decorative stones. By the way, high-quality cashmere provides for pleasant warmth.

And besides, these Designer gloves are also wonderful as a noble gift, providing much joy to the lucky recipient. They are available in sizes S, M and L, so that you don’t have to rack your brains over unfamiliar glove sizes when purchasing our Designer Gloves.

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