Buy Designer Espadrilles and enjoy a light-footed summer

Slip into Designer Espadrilles and feel good - there is hardly any other summer footwear as comfortable, lightweight and uncomplicated. Espadrilles stand for the joy of life, summer and the sun. On seeing this light and colourful footwear, you feel the immediate desire to buy a new pair. And another one. And still another one... There are so many patterns and designs that it is impossible to live through the summer with just one pair of espadrilles, don't you agree?

Designer Espadrilles as the renaissance of a mass phenomenon

Espadrilles are currently experiencing a real renaissance. In the seventies and eighties, they were an integral part of young, old, prominent, female, male, and all sorts of other feet. Then they disappeared temporarily from fashion, as the market was suddenly flooded with cheap goods from Asia. Now, designers and fashion labels such as Sweet Matilda or Toms have rediscovered the practical espadrilles and breathed new life into them. This practical summer footwear is available in high quality and versatile designs, and is of course also to be found on Knocknok. The next summer is upcoming - you should buy your Designer Espadrilles now!

A simple sole, a simple shoe: Espadrilles

Designer Espadrilles cannot deny their origin. Even their name makes you think of Spain. It probably is derived from the Esparto grass, of which their soles were originally made. "Espardenyes" are Catalan shoes made of linen and straw soles and are therefore actually related to our present espadrilles. Today's soles are mostly made of sisal or raffia, often reinforced and protected from moisture coming from below with a rubber sole. Light cotton or jute fabric turns espadrilles into the wonderfully light and breathable summer footwear we love so much. The fabric, brightly coloured and often studded with pearls or rhinestones, is attached by a deliberately visible seam to the sisal sole.

How are Designer Espadrilles worn? Knocknok recommends being barefoot, whether you are male or female, young or old. And wearing espadrilles definitely produces a wonderful summer feeling, making you actually feel light-hearted. Wearing Designer Espadrilles is like having your feet go away on holidays - doesn't this sound beautiful?


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