Purchase Designer Coats in different designs

Designer Coats are part of the basic fashion wardrobe and provide a trendy change from standard jackets. This basic garment of your wardrobe can be combined and worn stylishly over and over again. Different designs of several Designer Coats guarantee a stylish alternative for everyone's taste and are trendy companions for many outfits. Always a new experience with their many different cuts, fashionable Designer Coats are an indispensable must-have in the world of business, in everyday life, when travelling... in short: they are a well-liked and reliable companion in any situation. A Designer Coat warms, protects and is the promise of a fabulous appearance. Especially in case of lower temperatures in the cool season, during the transitional period and when going out in the evening, Designer Coats are an indispensable garment.

Designer Coats: indispensable in every fashionable basic wardrobe

Naughty ponchos, practical parkas, elegant woollen coats or classic trench coats are just a few examples out of the vast selection of Designer Coats. Our coats are single or double breasted, with buttons or a zipper and are available in warm, muted or vibrant colours. From deep black to the brightest colours or a luminous white, patterned or classical, over trousers or a dress, there are no limits to possibilities, styles and exciting models. Classic black woollen Designer Coats to be tied with a belt, combined with jeans or trousers, make an excellent impression in the leisure wardrobe, while a Designer Coat with an A-line shape and subtle colours is exactly the right ally in the business world.

A universally popular garment that makes a grandiose fashion statement

Ladies' Designer Coats are in great demand and offer many combination options, thus filling a great number of wardrobes. Whether with a summer dress, carrot slacks or a skirt, stylish Designer Coats like those by Ellen Eisemann are always appropriate. No matter what look and style the wearer may favour, a high-quality Designer Coat combined with a carefully selected outfit will be a sure eye-catcher. A chic appearance gives a sovereign feeling and this can be benefited from in countless situations. A first date or a long-awaited professional interview is a challenge in which a confident manner is especially important. Elegant, sporty or practical as Ilse Jacobsen's, Designer Coats make confident and stylish fashion statements. Sovereign self-confidence and a unique sense of style with a fashionable Designer Coat.


ders wichtig ist. Elegant, praktisch oder sportlich wie bei Ilse Jacobsen setzen Designer Mäntel selbstbewusste und stilsichere Fashion Statements. Souveränes Selbstbewusstsein und einzigartige Stilsicherheit mit modischem Designer Mantel. 

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