Buy Designer Capes & Designer Ponchos online and feel elated

As an alternative to jackets and coats, Designer Capes and Ponchos are unbeatable. Especially when it comes to protect yourself against the first cool temperatures of the autumn and wear something light over your normal clothes, these loosely cut and incredibly attractive garments are a very good choice. They are easy to throw over T-Shirts, blouses or sweaters. But also worn over a dress, a Designer Cape or a Designer Poncho creates a great look and makes a perfect outfit.

Flaring Designer Capes and Ponchos are flattering

Such a Designer Poncho or a Designer Cape is sporty and elegant, very combinable and actually fits into any lifestyle. So it is virtually a universal garment and one of those indispensable basics that you should always have in your closet. The good thing about the flaring cut of Designer Ponchos and Capes is that this clever piece of clothing can conceal not only those love handles, but also allow you to dress like an ‘onion’ without feeling cramped. Do you know anybody who doesn’t feel a little constrained wearing two sweaters, one over the other? Just put on a warm sweater and then buy a Designer Cape or a Designer Poncho and slip it over – just perfect for you!

Fantastic Cashmere, fantastic Designer Cape

Nowadays, Designer Ponchos and Capes have nothing to do any more with those bulky and thick monsters that you might remember being worn by Miss Marple or other English ladies of times gone by. No, Designer Capes such as those by Charme di Capri or Daddys Daughters are wonderfully smooth and soft. Do you love cashmere? This is an ideal fibre for Designers Capes and Ponchos, warm yet lightweight and very elegant to look at. They come in rounded shapes, or also very stylishly as triangular Capes.

By the way: such a lightweight Designer Cape or Designer Poncho can also conveniently disappear under a coat when it gets really chilly outside. In this case it is not so much a coat substitute for spending time outdoors, but more of a perfect indoors winter-outfit, ideally suited for the office or the restaurant.

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