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It’s actually too bad that these great designer bras usually have to eke out their lives in secrecy. There are so many women who are thrilled with these beautiful and sexy creations and wear them with pride and joy, but unfortunately all too often just “underneath”, as is usually the fate of these most feminine of all garments. But sometimes they shine through a blouse or gain spectacular visibility in combination with a top. And our tip: some of our exclusive Designer Bras can certainly serve as a great top replacement and be shown off to their best advantage worn under a simple blazer!

Designer Bras with or without supporting effect

Large or small, by themselves or with some support from Designer Bras: I am speaking of our breasts, dear ladies, and of course, you all know what I mean. Those with small breasts or those who have made them firm by means of implants can safely resort to the sheerest and most uncomplicated Designer bras, such as those of the range of the Love Stories label. We have chosen the most beautiful of them just for you to allow you to transform underwear into outerwear at any time you choose to do so. But no less elegant and glamorous are Designer Bras including the support needed by quite a number of women’s breasts. For Love & Lemons’s styles, for example, have invisible wires sewn in, conjuring up a beautiful décolleté and ensuring the most perfect Designer Bras fit at the same time.

Our Designer Bras are great!

Granted, it’s not traditional hand-made lace which decorates our Designer Bras, but it’s high-quality materials in any case! And today's modern fibres such as nylon, spandex or lycra are much better suited to cling softly and comfortably to the skin than most natural fibres. No squeezing or scratching with these fantastically designed and lace-decorated Designer Bras. Should it be a black wisp of nothingness or maybe a colourful lingerie piece, to be also used as a top? Browse through our Knocknok Online Store and allow yourself to be seduced by these noble Designer Bras!

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