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Chic Designer Bracelets on your wrist simply are great eye-catchers. They are available in a variety of colours, materials and fashionable trends and that's a good thing: because who wouldn't ultimately select some Designer Bracelets to match her outfit? Two, three or maybe fifteen..., how many of these great accessories can you already call your own? But no matter how many you have, if you browse through our online offer of Designer Bracelets, then you will definitely find some that are missing in your range. It’s a promise! 

The perfect Designer Bracelet: may it be dainty and delicate?

Maybe you are specifically looking for delicate Designer Bracelets made of silver, gold or red gold?  With the beautiful creations by Mya Bay or Wanderlust you will shine in the office, at leisure activities or also in evening chic. Wanderlust even offers silver Designer Bracelets with romantic engravings, which are also ideally suited as a gift. Also very delicate, but with a rather colourful and cheerful touch, are the artwork pieces by Mono & Me.
The knotted hand-painted designer bracelets by Cruciani, whose different colours have various meanings, are in the style of friendship bracelets. And then there are those hand-made lace bracelets by this Italian designer company: magical flower dreams!

Colourful, expressive and present

In addition to narrow and delicate Designer Bracelets, at the Knocknok store we also offer bangles that will magically attract all eyes. Neither modest nor discreet is the motto of our superb pieces by fashion labels like Vintage, Rio Berlin or Rainbow. These Designer Bracelets are gorgeously coloured and made of the most different materials: sometimes small, colourful beads; sometimes lined-up rhinestones. Or these embroidered pearls and Swarovski crystals like Buba's or Nizhoni's with a soft leather finish which makes them nestle around the wrist. These beautiful Designer Bracelets are actually more than just a fashion accessory: they get into the spotlight and are used to being the focus!

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