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Since time fashion is not without any reason an immemorial expression of social class, attitude towards life or prosperity of a people. Jewelry is not just jewelry, a jacket is not equal a jacket. It came more and more to express his individuality. And so we ended up in a time, when the appearance may not only bring the specific character or idea expressed value, but the clothes "make known to people". To play not only at work or at ceremonial occasions an important role, but also always more and more in everyday life of each of us.

What is Bohemian Fashion?

Originally ethno fashion was a synonymous with the explicit style of dress of a particular culture. Today we mean mainly bright colors, colorful patterns, tribals, vintage fabrics or oriental-inspired garments. This recall mostly to traditional African, South American or Asian clothing styles. This can be both classic held as incorporated into modern cuts and offered as a mix of styles. They exude a wild charm, a bit of freedom and a large measure of self-confidence. Depending on your taste here is with guarantees for all of you the appropriate piece: Oversized for the petite woman, gaudy for confident boss or colorful patterned for the playful romantic. If you yearn for a touch of Wild West, oriental fragrances or South American spirit, ethnic fashion is just right for you.

Gypsy- and hippie style are currently all the rage ..

..and that is still remain so some time. Not only in our shop you enjoy the styles of Bazar de Luxe or Star Mela great popularity, even in Vogue, the fashion blogs and in the celebrity world at the moment is nothing more hip than the wild gypsy look. But what exactly does the "gypsy" style in itself, that it can not save itself from fans currently? He is unconventional, innovative and flexible. Anyone can wear a piece of "Boho" with him, from subtle to striking. Because there is jewelry, vests, blouses or flares in any variation ... everything what your heart desires. The hair is worn in the voluminous hippie look and the materials go from leather jeans to light lace fabrics. Cowgirl or feminine seductress simple elegance or dreamy beachgirl ... Ethno fashion is as diverse as their makers. Here you have the freedom to carry out according to your wishes and to mix the charm of yesteryear with the trendy fashion of the current designer. A bit of playfulness associated with each "Modern-Gypsy". And that's probably in the end also the factor that is currently rolled over the fashion world so vast and the Ethno-fashion can be all the rage. Let your creativity run wild and realize your taste with colorful patterns, traditional Tribals, noble vintage fabrics and wave hippie hair by our carefully selected ethno fashion. We wish you a happy shopping and combining.

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