Woman needs beach fashion in the closet

Summer, sun, vacation - up to the beach! But before the beach pleasure is the question: What gets into the holiday suitcase, what should I wear what is just beach fashion? We have picked out of our entire shop offer all the great products that are suitable as an ideal companion to the beach. Whether on down the road from the hotel to the sea, whether at the hip beach party in the evening or in beach volleyball game - so you can be proud of!

Sports, games and fun on the beach

Sunbathing in bikini is great and snooze in a beach chair also. But from time to time motion is in order. Volleyball, badminton, or Frisbee games maybe? Or are you more the type of beach runner? Then quickly slipped into comfortable, lightweight clothes and the fun can begin. Beach fashion must be simple, wrinkle free and must be in the exuberance and ever endure a little salt water.Breezy shorts in easy care fabric make beautiful summer legs and are pulled over a flash bikini or swimsuit. If you like comfortable one piece, is well advised with a jumpsuit as beach fashion: Summer colors, breathable cotton, casual look - great! And the great prizes in our shop you take the best two. Holidays are finally not only for one day and tomorrow beach fashion is back in fashion.

And casually with the kimono along the beach

Beach fashion means not to be only comfortable and casual dressed, that you can frolic on the beach? You want with a cocktail at the beach bar pull the attention of men and also be dressed smartly back to the hotel? Then an elegant kimono is just right for you. Gypsy style or perhaps with asia-tibetan touch - our beach fashion is delightful and colorful internationally. The light kimonos are quickly thrown over the bikini and sit always. Whether made of high-quality silk or easy care viscose, our beach fashion is designed by international fashion designers for this very purpose: To let slip during a holiday on the beach in a casual, chic outfit.

Classy tunic, trendy beach fashion, chic evening!

Stroll through the boutiques on the beach promenade, serving the evening buffet in the hotel, dancing on the party under the palms - How does your beach fashion look from? We recommend: Unpack necessarily a tunic or a silk dress in your holiday luggage! The flowing fabric flatters pleasant on the sun-kissed skin and small embroidery or sequins make the colorful summer dresses to stunning and unique pieces. A tunic or such a silk dress is already a finished outfit, but can also be casually worn over jeans or shorts or stylish leggings and is so wonderfully versatile changeable.


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